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About your eyes

Common eye disorders

Warning signs of diseases:

The following symptoms may indicate a serious eye disease:

  1. Light flashes: These bright flashes, usually in the peripheral vision, may be the first sign of a retinal detachment.
  2. Floaters: Small black dots that dart around in our vision are usually not a problem, but it can indicate a serious problem of the vitreous gel or the retina.
  3. Pain in or around the eye: This may indicate eyestrain, inflammation or glaucoma.
  4. Sensitivity to bright light: This may be due to early cataracts, viral disease of the cornea or refractive errors ( nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism ).
  5. Excessive tearing: This can be caused by allergy, blocked tear duct or relaxation of the lower eye lid.
  6. Continued redness: This is usually insignificant, but could be caused by glaucoma, episcleritis or iritis.
  7. Blurred vision: This may be due to early cataracts or injury to the cornea.